Why Do BBA Students Need a Laptop? [Several More Reasons]

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a degree with course work that includes operations, finance, accounting, marketing, etc. To go through these and all other courses in BBA, students must meet with lots of research.

BBA students usually face the task of researching how business optimize their practices. They work on the strategies of judging the profitability of investment and develop systematic financial activities. All these research, including note-taking and presentation of assignments, are reasons BBA students need a laptop.

All these speak volumes about the importance of BBA students having a laptop in their course of study. The need to do lots of research, attend to projects, presentations, and many more. So, this article provides the answer to why do BBA Students Need a Laptop.

Why Do BBA Students Need A Laptop?

Laptop offer lots of supports to BBA students in practice. The speed and accuracy of electronic note-taking, handling assignments, doing research online, and participating in group assignments are reasons that a laptop becomes a necessity for BBA students.

So, if you’re asking why do BBA Students Need a Laptop? There’s no doubting the place of computers in today’s academic work. Students of all levels, including Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), require computers to complete their course work.

Why Do BBA Students Need A Laptop

Some of the reasons BBA students need a laptop for their coursework are in the following sub-headings

Electronic Note Taking

Honestly, manual note-taking can be generally time-consuming. The laptop helps BBA students to type their notes immediately into a word-processing document and have it organized. On the other hand, you can edit and update electronic notes. As you know, you can misplace paper notes, and it can even damage. This, of course, means that the portability of laptop devices makes note-taking and sharing ideas with fellow students stress-free.


BBA students receive loads of assignments and projects after proper lecture delivery. Most of these assignments are not expected to be hand-written. However, some assignments require very serious research to complete. Also, some assignments require students to develop digital calculated pages, and Excel is one of the best applications for such assignments. Moreover, Word is another fantastic application for term papers and project works. One other area of BBA academic work is presentation assignments. Students must create PowerPoint slides and run through them in practice before showing them for the presentation.

A laptop is inevitable since BBA students need to use the computer to complete one assignment/task and present it. Even if they have a Desktop in their hostel or at home, it is practically impossible to move it to the classroom, library, etc.

Online Research

BBA students use the internet a lot to gather information that helps them understand the course more. For example, during assignments that require citing theorems, conclusions, and definitions, students go online to link to digital libraries to search for information. In addition, students prefer to use a laptop instead of a phone because the information contains diagrams.

Widening of Horizon

Sometimes students need to browse through countless online resources to catch relevant ideas, inspiration, convincing essays, or sample projects. The fact that the internet is there to support student research gives them some relief. With the internet by their side and an available laptop to hook up, the stress that can disturb their flow will be little.

MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) is one of the best resources for students to search for solutions because it’s free. MOOC is online and runs on the protocols of internet services. The best device to view those courses is the laptop. BBA students find MOOCs very useful. As such, a laptop is a prerequisite for their studies.

Group Assignment

Group assignments and collaboration are very important in the life of students today. BBA students who collaborate in teamwork, strengths of other learners. In this case, they learn things in a new way or from a different perspective.

In summary, a laptop helps students to be very organized in their academic works, and the case is not different with BBA students. Budget laptops for BBA students are a way of looking at the best system configuration that is also affordable.

Recommended Laptop Configuration for BBA Students

Agreeing that a laptop is important for BBA students is one thing; choosing the right laptop is another. Well, the design of most modern laptops has the features that best support BBA students.

Recommended Laptop Configuration for BBA Students

What most BBA students need in their laptops is an office suite that comprises Word Processing, Excel for calculation, PowerPoint for presentation, etc. In addition, you must pay attention to some shareware specifications or configurations. When we talk of configuration, we are referring to both software and hardware: We recommend that BBA students who want to get a laptop for their academic works should look at the following:

Processor and RAM

A laptop for BBA students should carry a standard Intel processor, enough RAM to enable fast speed, and enough storage space. 230GB of Disk space is best to give enough room to download online study sample resources. 2GB of RAM is alright, but 4GB RAM is recommended.

Battery Life

It may be difficult for you to locate an electrical socket in the classroom or library when you arrive with your laptop. Even if there are some electrical sockets around, it cannot be enough for every student. Sometimes, other students may even crash into your laptop power cord if it’s plugged on the wall. The solution to all these problems is to have a laptop with a long-lasting battery. You can even go for a laptop with a double cell battery. It’s cool when your battery can carry all your tasks for the whole day.

External Monitor

Although it’s not a must, you may want to get an external monitor. Having an external monitor may help you analyze data or other related information when you have to work between too many pages or documents. For example, an external monitor can be so helpful when working on a large Excel project with multiple pages.

External Hard Disk

Do not forget to get an external Hard Disk Drive locked down in a simple mobile enclosure. The reason for this is to keep your backups. You may, however, decide to do your backups only with One-Drive or Google-Drive. For quick access to your backups, your external hard drive is the best, but online backup is the best for data security. This is because you can misplace the drive, or you can drop it, which damages it.

External Hard Disk

E-reading is fantastic, but there comes a time that students need to read printed materials. Likewise, there are times that you need a particular aspect of an online resource. For example, you may want to have documents like a CV in your hand after reading on the screen. So the printer is one thing may want to consider if you can afford it.

Old or New Laptop

Old laptops come with the concomitant BTBF (best time before failure). When a hard disk is old or expired, it will still be working, but it can malfunction at any time. It is the expiration of the Hard Disk that we refer to as Best Time Before Failure.

We recommend that BBA students get a new laptop to handle their course work to avoid incessant breakdown. The reason for recommending laptops for BBA students is because its portability. So, going for a bulky laptop will not go well with mobility on your side. The best but is to go for lightweight.

Internet Connectivity and Speed of Processing

Fast connectivity to the internet is another very important area to look at. Although the speed of internet connectivity does not depend solely on computer speed, fast processing of tasks is important.

Integrated Webcam

It is also important for BBA students to look at features like a webcam for online visual group discussion, collaboration, and sharing ideas visually.

Basic Software Configuration

After purchasing your new laptop for your academic work, the next step is to complete the configuration. Our recommendation is to install basic software to start with. However, you may have to look out for the kind of configurations your prospective business school recommends for you. So, there is no standard recommendation of software application for BBA students’ laptops. However, we expect that you look at the following:

Firewall Software Configuration

You must not forget to install a firewall for possible virus attacks. On deciding the kind of anti-virus to install, you must be careful with the free one. Sometimes, the free one pups up fake virus alerts so you can go and buy their products.

You can avoid trouble with virus invasion of your system is to being careful what you download, especially the free stuff. Unfortunately, some of those free stuff contains viruses, especially games.

Does It Need To Be A MacBook Or A Windows Laptop For BBA Students?

Does It Need To Be A MacBook Or A Windows Laptop For BBA Students?

Both Windows and MacBook can serve BBA students. What you need to consider is the experience of the user. Windows and MacBook run different operating systems. As such, the click areas are different. Even within Windows operating systems, the click areas are different. Those who are used to Windows 7 meet little difficulties when windows 8.1 or Windows 10 comes on board.

Does It Need To Be A MacBook Or A Windows Laptop For BBA Students

When we choose between MacBook and Windows, we don’t look at the shape of the system. Instead, the decision boils down to the software and user experience. Both Windows and MacBook have their differences. So, you’re here should be on personal preference. However, you must not fail to consider how any of your choices will sync up to your other devices.

So, the decision for BBA students to choose between MacBook or Windows should be based on past experience. It is not advisable for someone who has been using Windows for years and never used MacBook to go for MacBook. It’s the same with MacBook experienced users.

Bottom Line

The benefits of BBA students having a laptop to handle their academic work are enormous. In addition, the feeling of having a device to help with handling their academic work is stress releasing. So, if you’ve been asking why do BBA students need a Laptop, we hope this article has outlined the reasons above.

But when preparing to get a laptop, you must carefully consider the specifications and requirements of your course work before buying any brand.

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