Is It Possible To Study An Academic Maths With A Laptop?

Educators and guidance are searching for better means to inculcate knowledge into their wards or students. For example, one of the complex subjects to teach a child is mathematics, and teachers find instructional aides to assist. A computer laptop is an example of a teacher’s instructional materials. Will it assist?

Studying mathematics is as possible as drinking water from a cup. However, using a laptop to study academic maths might not be much easier and more fun.  You get to solve complex and authentic problems accurately with ease. Meanwhile, its complex nature gives less room for interaction with classmates and more focus on class works.

This article will guide you on the possibility of studying mathematics with a computer. Nevertheless, there are more disadvantages of studying maths with a laptop than its benefits.  Studying maths with a laptop might not give much fun as studying other subjects.

Is It Possible To Study An Academic Math Class With A Laptop?

You can study an academic math class with a laptop. However, there are some notable constraints to it. The traditional way of studying mathematics is the use of pencil/pen and paper. Therefore, trying to use a computer will not be necessary during the lectures but preferably after to document a lesson or work on an assignment.

Is It Possible To Study An Academic Math Class With A Laptop?

Studying is made easy with a laptop to embark on research and work on class projects with ease. However, the same applies to studying mathematics with a laptop. Nevertheless, it is much easier to use a pen and paper when receiving lectures in the classroom. That way, you will comprehend better.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Laptop In Maths Class

You can attest that using a laptop in schools is massively acceptable but studying maths with a laptop is absurd. One might want to doubt, but how do you learn Pythagoras theory or further maths with a laptop? This can be more difficult than the use of pen and paper.

Advantages of Using your Laptop to Study in Maths Class

Help you make more accurate calculations

Making use of mathematical software tools like Sage (SageMath Mathematical Software System) enables accuracy in calculations. Accurate calculation is essential for getting high scores in your continuous assessment. This is the point where technology towers over traditional calculations.

Simplifies calculation time

When calculating complex mathematics, you might encounter some problems which might take you some hours. Whereas, using mathematical software programs, you can debug it much faster and come across the solution within a few minutes (ranging from 5 to 40 minutes).

If you are in a MOOC, using your laptop isn’t only possible but a necessity

If you have MOOC (online classes, like Udemy, Pluralsight, or Coursera), they run automated assessments via an online interface. You will need a laptop to partake in the courses and continuous assessments. However, note that the laptop is not advisable to take notes with a laptop.

Where you don’t have a textbook, your laptop can be used as a digital textbook if the course is in pdf format

Your laptop comes in very handy if you don’t have a hard copy textbook. If the textbook has a pdf alternative, then you don’t need to carry about a bulky textbook all around. You can download the pdf format of that textbook and study it anywhere and anytime, without bothering about the weight of the textbook.

The latex software is a great option for writing equations

Also, if you are looking for software for digitally representing your mathematical equations and symbols digitally, the LaTex software allows you to do that. It even enables you to submit them in neat typesetting.

It offers better record-keeping than traditional means of studying math

Last, for keeping records of past calculations, using your laptop to study math is a better choice. It is preferable to using papers that can get lost or mixed up.

Disadvantages of Using your Laptop to Study in Maths Class

As we have observed the benefits of using your laptop to study in a maths class, we also recognize the very notable limitations. Let’s consider the following disadvantages below:

Using your Laptop to Study in Maths Class

It Is Not Advisable For Jotting Down In A-Class.

Research shows that, generally, students who write down traditionally, using book and pen, retain information better than those who jot with their laptops.

However, students who jot down with their books can’t follow up with the pace of their lecturers, so they have to understand a bit of it before writing it down. This helps them to assimilate things much faster than those using laptops to type.

However, those who type rather transcribe than translate the dictated lectures, making them faster, but they don’t retain much of what was said.

Using A Laptop Can Be Limiting And Confusing For Starters.

For students who are just starting to use their laptops during the math class, working with them might be a bit of a tussle. This is because if you don’t understand how working in a math class with a system goes, you’d be much confused and lagging. However, if you use your book and pen to work out calculations and all, you will flow naturally and at your own pace.


Is it possible to study an academic maths with a laptop? Yes, it is possible to study you’re your laptop in a maths class. However, working with a pc in such a dynamic and sensitive environment can cause you to retain lesser information than you would if you use the traditional means. This makes it more complex.

Thus, after knowing all these, deciding if you should study academic maths with a laptop depends on your choice. Is it worth the trial?

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