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As a BBA student, a laptop can affect your overall performance if you misuse it. There are many ways it can distract you in the class and cause poor results in your assessments. However, we have taken time to write these fail-proof steps on how to use a laptop effectively as a BBA student.

To use your laptop effectively, ensure to follow the lecturer’s instructions, remove all distracting software programs, and organize your desktop, etc. You should also install productive software and consider your classmates too. When not in the class, research more on what you’re learning, reorganize your lecture notes and download useful resource materials as recommended.

So you can see there are various ways by which you can be productive as a BBA student. If you’re ready to learn more about how to use your laptop effectively, read on!

What Computer Skills Should BBA Students Have?

What Computer Skills Should BBA Students Have

1. Basic Computer Skills

As a Bachelor in Business Administration student, some of your activities will involve you using a computer. Therefore, you should know how to operate a computer, power it on and off, operate windows, and access the software programs within the laptop.

2. Spreadsheet Creation

Another important skill to note is that you need to know how to create and manage a spreadsheet. This is done using MS Excel software. To do well in BA, ensure you understand how to create and curate a spreadsheet for calculations, tabulations, and all other activities.

3. Database management and design

‘What other skill do I need?’ you may ask. You need to have database design and management skills also. Learn how to use MS Access to create databases and manage large information gotten from Excel.

4. Presentation Skills

The last essential skill you need to have is presentation skills. You need to know how to use software programs like MS PowerPoint to create and manage slides. PowerPoint slides are mostly used in Business proposals and other presentation activities. Thus, as a BBA student, this skill is paramount to succeeding in and out of college.

These computer skills are quite simple to learn, which is a piece of great news for you if you don’t know them. Now that we have stated that, let’s consider some tips on how to use a laptop effectively.

How to Use a Laptop Effectively as A BBA Student

As a Business Administration student, a laptop can be a very tool for working if you understand how to use it properly. Below, we have outlined in detail the ways by which you can use your laptop effectively in your BBA degree. We have also categorized it into two sections; using your laptop effectively within the class and using your laptop away from the class.

How to Use a Laptop Effectively as A BBA Student

While using it within the Class:

1. Take notes in your way

While attending a lecture in the class, do not just write down everything the lecturer is jotting or explaining verbatim. Rather than that, please pay close attention to what the lecturer is saying, then understand it before writing it down how you understand. Ensure to jot down useful and correct points, terms, and ideas in your notepad. You should note that writing down what is being said in complete sentences is not a necessity as far as you take down the important sections of the lecture.

Also, to get more work done effectively, understand that specific laptops for BBA students provide the best availabilities.

2. Ensure to avoid distracting software programs.

One counterproductive thing that affects most students is multitasking. When you multitask, you’re dividing your attention among multiple activities, objects, and things. As a result, there are some distracting software programs you don’t need when using your laptop for academic purposes. This software includes video games, social media programs, and other unproductive software for your studying, and they can cause distractions before or during a lecture.

So, turn off any social network notifications on your laptop, or if need be, uninstall the software programs you know can inhibit your productiveness in class. You should avoid opening websites that do not relate to the class activity going on.

Alternatively, you can make use of the “Airplane Mode” feature in your laptop, as this will turn off all wireless connections in the laptop.

3. Organize and tidy your desktop.

One thing you shouldn’t overlook is how effectively arranging your life can positively affect your success. On the contrary, most students don’t organize themselves—or their desktops. Make sure your laptop desktop page is clean and well organized. This is because messy desktops do reduce productivity by confusing you.

When you properly arrange your desktop, it makes it easier for you to download and install useful software programs.

4. Always go for productive software.

To be productive in class, you should consider getting useful software programs. Some applications can help you become more disciplined or block distracting notifications. They can include top note-taking apps like Evernote or even be in the form of browser extensions like AdBlocker or Grammarly; the list is numerous. However, you should ensure to find out the essential applications that will boost your productivity.

5. Put your classmates at heart while using your laptop in class.

While using your laptop in the classroom, it’s most likely you’d not be alone in the entire room. Thus, playing a movie or listening to a song out loud will be a distraction to your classmates. Also, playing video games in the lecture room will invariably cause a distraction for your colleagues around and behind you.

Thus, you should ensure to avoid doing any of these things to avoid distracting your classmates. In addition, you can consider sitting at the edges or back of the classroom if using a laptop is not compulsory but permitted in the course. By doing this, you won’t distract as many people as you would if you’re to sit at the front of the classroom.

6. Sometimes, keep it at home.

In addition, one way to use your laptop effectively as a BBA student is to keep it at home if you will not need it. This way, you will inevitably reduce the level of distraction within the classroom and positively affect your productivity and that of your classmates.

Usually, when we have our laptops available and are less busy, we might get tempted to watch a movie, or play a song, or even begin to chat online. However, we can get tempted to do these things even while we have work to do. So, we recommend leaving your laptop at home while going to school if you don’t need it in school.

While using it away from the Class

While studying away from class, as a BBA student, there are some tips you should take note of. These include:

While using it away from the Class

1. Use Your Laptop To Keep Contact With Your Lecturers And Classmates.

When studying away from the classroom, communicate with your lecturer and colleagues if you’re facing any challenges. If you encounter challenges with the course or material you’re studying, you can simply talk with your lecturers via the internet using your laptop.

Rather than meeting offline, some institutions or lecturers now hold classes and meetings over the internet. These meetings are held either through the Zoom or Google Meet platforms that have software for laptops.

2. Research More on the Given Lectures

A major benefit of using a laptop as a BBA student is that it grants you access to journals and research papers concerning all kinds of topics. You can access them over the internet, study and practice them, and eventually gain more understanding of the given topic. In addition, you can use a platform like Google Scholar, JSTOR, LexisNexis, etc., to browse more information.

3. Download And Read Up Recommended Study Materials Given By Your Lecturer.

With a laptop, you can download papers, textbooks, and study materials given by the lecturer for you to study and understand. In addition, your lecturer may instruct that you download and install specific software programs and work with them. They will be helpful to you.

Final Words

While chasing for the degree in Bachelor’s in Business Administration in college, having a laptop isn’t only practical, but it is needful. But the challenege always lies on how to use a laptop effectively as a BBA student. To use a laptop effectively, ensure to block or remove all distracting software, install productive tools, and use your laptop having your colleague in mind.

Also, ensure to use the laptop to keep communications with your lecturer and colleagues when you encounter challenges. There are numerous materials online which you can download and study on your own or based on your lecturer’s instructions.

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