How To Type Mathematical Equations In Laptop Keyboard

It’s very simple and easy to type literature subjects and courses. However, it could be more challenging when it comes to typing mathematical equations. As a result, lots of people may be confused about what to do. But knowing how to type mathematical equations in laptop keyboard is very important for teachers, students, and even business entrepreneurs.

The ideal method is by using your keyboard shortcuts to input formats like symbols, special functions, and Greek letters for the mathematical equations.

This article guides you on how to you can type mathematical equations on laptop keyboards. Also, you will understand how you can type Math equations in Notepad, Google Docs, and Microsoft Word.

How to Type Mathematical Equations in Laptop Keyboard

To know how to type mathematical equations in laptop keyboard, you will first select the document type you’ll be working with. The process demands that you click on the INSERT tab at the upper menu on top of your document. Then, click on equation, followed by Insert New Equation.

Ways of Typing Mathematical Equations in Laptop Keyboard

You can conveniently type Math equations on your laptop by using the following:

  • Character Map Application Program
  • Alt-codes

How to Type Mathematical Equations in Laptop Keyboard

Character Map Application Program

Character Map Application is a Microsoft Program that enables users to view characters irrespective of their installed font. Also, you can ascertain the used keyboard input of the characters and copy them to the clipboard without typing them.

How to use the Character Map Application Program

The steps below will take you on how to use Character Map Program.

  • Click on the Window’s start tab at the bottom left-hand side of your laptop screen.
  • Type Character Map within the Search box
  • Click on the program as it comes up for you to utilize the program.
  • Once the program is up, check the Advanced view This will enable you to set other fields.
  • Since you’ll be typing Math equations, you will ensure that the Character set is on Unicode.
  • Set the next field, Group by to be at ‘All.’
  • Proceed to search for the mathematical symbol you want.
  • Where you can’t see the symbol, go to the Search for box and input the name of the symbol to look for it.
  • Once the character pops up, highlighted, click on it twice.
  • Then click on Select as well as Copy.
  • Proceed to your working document and paste the symbol by pressing Ctrl + V.


Alt-codes are specifically used to enter characters in computers that lack dedicated keys. Every mathematical symbol has a special Alt-code. This method employs the identification number for each character or symbol.

To input the character, you will hold the Alt key and type the identification number for that character. It requires the use of your keyboard’s numeric keys that are on the right-hand side. Where the numeric keys are positioned differently from the right side, you can’t use the alt-code. This means that your laptop is not compatible with implementing Alt-Codes. You may consider some high-performance laptops for math students.

For instance, you will get the ‘approximately equal to’ symbol by pressing the Alt key while typing 247.

Some Mathematical symbols and their Alt-Codes

Mathematical Symbol Definition Alt-Code
× Multiple or Times Alt-0215
÷ Division Alt-0247
+ Addition or Plus Alt-43
Subtraction or Minus Alt-45 or Alt-8722
= Equal to Alt-61
Approximately equal to Alt-247
Not equal to Alt-8800
± Plus or minus Alt-241 or Alt-0177
° Degrees Alt-0176
> Greater than Alt-62
< Less than Alt-60
Greater than or equal to Alt-242 or Alt-8805
Less than or equal to Alt-243 or Alt-8804
π Pi Alt-227
Triangle Alt-30
Square root Alt-251 or Alt-8730
Infinity Alt-236 or Alt-8734
µ Micro Alt-230
~ Similar to or tilde Alt-126
² Square or superscript 2 Alt-253 or Alt-0178
³ Cube or superscript 3 Alt-0179
| Vertical line Alt-124
Perpendicular with Alt-10178
Right angle Alt-28 or Alt-8735
Right arrow Alt-26
Left arrow Alt-27
Integral Alt-8747
½ A half Alt-171 or Alt-0189
¼ A quarter Alt-172 or Alt-0188
¾ Three- quarter Alt-0190
One-third Alt-8531
Two-third Alt-8532
Arrow up Alt-24
Arrow down Alt-25

Some of the document types you can work with while typing mathematical equations on your laptop keyboard include.

  • Notepad
  • Google Docs
  • Microsoft Word

Typing Math Equations with Notepad

Notepad can be one of your working documents for typing mathematical equations.

The process demands that you choose the formula(e) and symbols from the MathML Editor window. If you have Windows 10, your selection will be from the Equation Tools within your Windows 10. In addition, there’s a library of mathematical structures and symbols from where you can develop your equations.

  • Click on the Insert tab and select Equation.
  • Choose the Structure or Symbol tab and a Category.
  • Proceed to select the suitable symbols that will construct your mathematical equation.
  • For inserting fractions, select Structures and use the Fractions Then, choose the structure for your equation.
  • Click OK to include the symbol within your editor and use it.

Once you’ve selected and used a symbol or structure, OneNote will automatically save all your recently used ones. Then, from the Recent tab, you can quickly access and use your recent symbols and structures.

Typing Math Equations In Google Docs

Google Docs are great places where you can also type your mathematical equations. One of the unique advantages of using Google docs for your documents is that you can easily access them with any device that is compatible with Google besides the original device where you created the work.

Typing Math Equations In Google Docs

Furthermore, Google Docs come with an equation editor. The editor has perfect features which are great assistance for anyone using mathematical equations within the documents.

Here are the steps to typing equations in Google Docs

  • You will first open a document.
  • Click your cursor at the place to insert your desired equation.
  • Click on the Insert tab and then the Equation.
  • You can set the menu to Greek letters, Relations, Arrows, Math operators, or Miscellaneous operations based on what you need for your equation.
  • Choose the symbols
  • You can include numbers or variables within the box.

Inserting a text box within a Google Doc

  • Click on the Insert tab
  • Choose Drawing from the menu group or drop down to display the Drawing dialog box.
  • Choose on the Text box command.
  • Create the text box by clicking and dragging it within the drawing area.
  • When you release the mouse, you will see the text box.
  • Then, Save and Close.

Superscript/Subscript In Google Docs

Getting your text in superscript or subscript is quite simple in your Google Doc.

  • You will first select the text or keep your cursor where at the desired place for the operation.
  • Click on Format followed by Text.
  • Choose either Subscript or Superscript to complete the operation.

Typing Math Equations in Microsoft Word

Using Microsoft Word as your working document to type Mathematical equations is not as complex as lots of people imagine.

Typing Math Equations in Microsoft Word

Here are the steps to input equations in Microsoft Word.

  • Click on the INSERT tab at the top menu on your screen.
  • Then, click on the Equation tab.
  • From there, click on Insert New Equation.
  • Then select your desired structures from the Equation Tools.

Inserting mathematical symbols in Microsoft Word

To insert symbols in your Microsoft Word is quite simple.

  • You will click on the INSERT tab on the top menu of your document.
  • When clicking on the Symbol tab at the top end on your right-hand side, select the symbol you want.
  • If you didn’t see your desired symbol, click on the More Symbols
  • Keep the Font setting at Normal Text and rotate the Symbol Set to settings like Greek letters, basic math, etc., depending on the symbol you want.

Final Thoughts

If you’re wondering how to type mathematical equations in laptop keyboard, this article is your great guide. Through your keyboard shortcuts, you can create math equations without stress.

The character Map application program and Alt-codes make it easy to insert the right symbols and structures for math equations. So whether your working document is on Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or Notepad, there is no limitation on typing mathematical equations in your laptop keyboard.

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