How Long Does It Take To Factory Reset a Laptop?

A laptop that hangs and takes ages to run a program can be quite the pain sometimes. Though there are different ways to solve the problem, few are as effective as resetting the laptop to its initial state. But how long does it take to factory reset a laptop?

As computers often store tons of data just to run different programs in addition to your personal data, the resetting process usually takes up hours to complete. Therefore, factory resetting laptops can take 30 minutes to around 3 hours. This timeframe, however, varies among different OS and on different laptop specifications. We’ll get into all that later in this article. 

As it implies, a factory reset removes everything from the PC, from profiles to programs and data. Besides, it effectively removes all viruses, trojans, and all applications on your computer.

In the sections below, I’ve discussed all the essential things you need to know about resetting your laptop and how long it takes to complete. Also, we’ve outlined what you need to do if your laptop gets stuck while resetting. If you’re ready to learn more, then join us below.

What Is The Purpose Of Factory Reset?

Factory resetting a device helps you erase everything within the device. This includes all personal data, installed apps and programs, and all other user data from the C drive. By doing this, you will be able to clean up the computer memory completely.

However, in windows 10, you can actually reset your laptop without formatting any existing data.

windows 10 reset options

Usually, people factory reset their computer if it gives them prolonged challenges such as freezing, slow response, and persistent lagging. If you suspect that your laptop has got malware or virus, you can factory reset it.

Also, if you’re giving away your laptop, or just want a clean windows experience, you can factory reset your laptop.

What Is The Purpose Of Factory Reset

One good thing about factory resetting your PC is that it doesn’t erase the laptop’s operating system. But the process reinstalls a fresh operating system on your computer. Additionally, factory resetting your computer helps bring back your laptop’s speed and boost performance quite similar to its initial state.

Is It Safe To Factory Reset A Laptop?

Resetting a laptop is safe if you need to clear up all unwanted data, media, and applications from your computer. However, if you don’t back up your user data, you can lose it all in the blink of an eye, and no one wants that.

Is It Safe To Factory Reset A Laptop

But, if you’ve stored all the valuable information in your laptop somewhere safe, you can go ahead, and factory reset the laptop. That is why many students must have an external drive for files, especially those who store large files. For instance, BBA students who do a lot of coursework must always have external storage or get a perfect laptop for BBA students.

Here are a few tips on resetting your laptop:

1. Back Up all your Data

Before factory resetting your laptop, the foremost thing you need to do is to back up all your data. This is very important because, by clicking the factory reset button, your computer will erase everything that’s stored within it; your files, profiles, and software programs alike.

So, to back up all your data, you can use the Control Panel of your laptop or an external software such as EaseUS, Google drive, and Paragon Backup and Recovery. However, if your computer is infected with viruses, the virus or trojan can spread. That said, you must store your volatile data somewhere safe anyways.

2. Factory Reset the Laptop

After storing your needed data in a safe place, you can now factory reset the computer. Also, you must understand that when you start the reset process, you can’t undo or cancel it. This is because interrupting the reset process will cause your computer to be in an unstable state. Thus, it will be empty, without an OS or applications that are supposed to be on the PC.

How Long Does It Take to Factory Reset a laptop?

Usually, it takes 2-3 hours to factory reset your laptop. However, sometimes it may take only an hour, while in some critical cases, 5 to 6 hours won’t be enough. Quite confusing, right?

Several factors determine how long it will take to factory reset a laptop. Let’s go through a few of these factors below.

How Long Does It Take to Factory Reset a laptop

Age Of Your Laptop

The age of your laptop determines how much time it’d take to reset. This is because older laptops require a longer time to reset.

The number of Programs Installed

Another thing to consider is the number of applications installed on your computer. This is because more programs on the laptop will also require more time to uninstall.

The number of Hard Drives in Your PC

This also affects the time required to reset the laptop. A computer with 3-4 hard drives will require more reset time than those with only one hard disk. However, if you’re using an SSD hard drive, it will take less time to reset than the legacy HDD.

RAM Size of Your Laptop

On the other hand, when formatting a laptop with a larger RAM size—6-8GB, for instance—it’d take you much less time to reset your laptop than it will if you’re using a smaller (2GB RAM) in your computer.

OS Type

Finally, one other thing to consider is the laptop’s OS you’re using. Laptops that are Windows 7 and below will require much more time to factory reset than Windows 8 and above.

How to Factory Reset a Windows Laptop?

Here are the steps in factory resetting your windows laptop below.

  • Go to the Start Menu and navigate to the Windows icon by the bottom left of your screen. Click on it.
  • In the Start windows, choose Settings or Type and search for Settings. Then, click on the Update and Security option at the bottom of the screen.
  • After that, navigate to Reset this PC and click on the “Get Started” option.
  • When you click that, you will see two options that require you to choose one from them. You can choose to Remove Everything or Keep My Files.

Either option you choose will erase everything but reinstall your operating system. Also, you will still be able to access Windows native apps like Calendar, Mail, Settings, Start menu, Microsoft Edge, etc. It’s best to choose the factory reset option based on the level and kind of problem your system encounters.

Follow the link below for a more detailed step-by-step guide on how to factory reset a Windows 10 laptop.

How to Restore Data After Factory Reset?

I’ve mentioned a few ways you can backup your valuable data on google drive or using third-party apps like EaseUS. You can simply restore everything after you finish the factory reset, or follow the section below to restore data from within the laptop.

There are two ways by which you can restore your formatted data—through a recovery partition or via CD-ROMs. Let’s consider the two below.

Restore Form Media

When restoring through a recovery media like a CD-ROM, you will be notified when to put in each disc. These CDs can come straight from the laptop’s produce, or you were probably prompted to create a recovery disc when you bought the PC.

However, if you don’t have a CD recovery disc, you can purchase a set from the manufacturers. After inserting your disc and following the instructions, the system will install a new Windows 10 and set up your Windows again.

Restore Via Recovery Partition

To restore files from the recovery partition, you can do that by tapping the F12 key on your keyboard. The recovery partition is inbuilt by the producer and doesn’t need a CD-ROM or other recovery tools.

To understand using this technique efficiently, follow this article or check out your laptop’s manual. Keep in mind that when you’ve begun the resetting process, it functions similarly to using a CD-ROM to recover your files.

Why Is Resetting My Laptop Taking So Long?

There are some reasons laptops may take longer than 3 hours to reset. It might be an issue due to programs not responding correctly in the system background. For instance, your system’s Windows is trying to integrate a new update but gets stuck.

Why Is Resetting My Laptop Taking So Long

As we’ve explained earlier, the time taken for your computer to reset depends on some factors, including the number of RAMs, hard disks, and software programs installed on the computer. Also, how old your laptop is and the operating system installed on the computer. They all determine how long your laptop will require to reset.

Moreover, factory resetting your computer isn’t really an activity that executes with speed. The process requires you to reset your user profile, directories, and all registry entries— basically, everything is replaced.

What To Do If My Laptop Is Stuck On Resetting?

Sometimes, while resetting your laptop, it can hang and delay your installation. This can be such a drag for you because a new model computer with up to 8GB RAM can reset faster than a computer with a smaller RAM installed. However, if your laptop is still taking time to reset, follow the steps below.

  1. Wait for another 2 to 3 hours more because sometimes it takes that long to reset.
  2. Power off your internet connection.
  3. Modify the BIOS settings.
  4. Choose Startup Repair.
  5. Clear all traces of the previous OS. Then, backup all data, settings, files, and software programs on the computer.
  6. Manually reinstall the Windows again.

Final Words

How long does it take to factory reset a laptop? The time required to factory reset your laptop depends on some factors. If you’ve used your laptop for a prolonged time (some years) and it’s now outmoded, it will take longer to reset. Similarly, other factors like the number of RAMs, hard disks, programs, and even the type of OS installed in it determine how long it’d take you to reset your laptop.

So, if you find your laptop to take too much time, or get stuck, just give it a couple of hours more. If that does not help, you may need to use a more complex procedure like using a bootable pendrive. In this case, I will suggest you take professional help.

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