How Do You Solve Math Questions On Laptop?

Laptops are great tools for solving mathematics questions. One of the coolest new features in math is the ability to take advantage of handwriting recognition in Windows10 to write out your equation.

With Google Chrome, all you have to do for a math problem is simply type your math problem at the top in the address bar. But, before that, remember the rules that some people don’t know.

This article gives answers to your question on how do you solve math questions on a laptop. It also presents to you the benefits of using a laptop when studying mathematics. Keep reading below to find out more.

Is Laptop good for Solving Math?

Laptops are good for solving math. They provide access to the internet and houses programs that ensure accurate answers to mathematical problems. Many laptops in the technological stores are great, but only a few can solve technical math questions. Some laptops assure you with a high processor, durable battery, connection, multiple monitors, and so on. As a math student who has multiple complex math problems to solve, your questions may seek higher solutions that your head can no longer deliver, so here comes the need for a student laptop for math.

Is Laptop good for Solving Math

How Do You Solve Math Questions On Laptop?

First, you could always search Google for the solution to the question at hand. With Google Chrome, all you have to do for a math problem is to simply type your math problem at the top in the address bar. Before that, remember the rules that some people don’t know, the dash symbol (-) is the minus sign, the plus symbol (+) is, of course, for addition, the star symbol (*) is to multiply, and the forward-slash symbol (/) is to divide.

How Do You Solve Math Questions On Laptop

So, all you have to do is, let’s say you are to solve an equation – fifteen plus nine multiplied by six, but divided by four (15 + 9 * 6 / 4), you will have the answer, at the bottom of the bar.

If you have multiple things to add or subtract or tons of math problems, you can always press “enter,” then it will bring you the scientific math calculator that you can use directly on the chrome page. So you see, no need for a calculator as your laptop has helped to do the needful.

Secondly, you can solve any math question with OneNote, which has a math assistant. With a math assistant, you can solve problems and receive an immediate display of instructions on your laptop, which will assist you in solving the given math question on your own. Once you are done solving, you can as well continue the usage of math assistants because it will help you explore in the world of math. The math assistant feature is open to laptops that have a Microsoft 365 subscription, including the latest Office version. So, keep reading, let us show you the answer to your question of how do you solve math questions on laptop?

#Step 1: Input your equation

Look out for the draw tab, and type in or enter your equation. Then make use of a tool called Lasso Select; you should circle the math question with a drawing around it. Once you finish drawing, select Math. Math will quickly open the math assistant space.

#Step 2: Solve the problem

Solving your equation will require you to do either of the following; You can double click or tap on the menu box written with Select an action then, select what you want Math assistant to take effect on. Note that whatever result you will get will be as a result of what you chose. To understand this better, read the Problem types supported by Math Assistant. The solution will be displayed on your computer by OneNote, and you can as well review it by clicking under the action that you chose. Thankfully to OneNote, you can see how an equation was being solved by clicking on Show steps after viewing the detailed solution of your equation. Mind you, each drop-down menu that pops is as a result of the question you chose.

In addition, you can listen to the step-by-step solution of your equation by clicking on Immersive reader on your OneNote. This will help you master the steps to the math question and also come up with a quiz for continuous assessment.

What Are the Benefits of Using Laptops When Studying Math?

Laptops make it easy for students to understand some high-level topics like statistics, graphs, and spreadsheets. In addition, students use laptops in various ways to study math in a classroom or wherever they find themselves.

Other benefits of using laptops when studying math include:

  • Laptops offer students a chance to utilize “involved” strategies in critical thinking.
  • Laptops receive raw data, process it, proffers solutions, and allow you to carry out all-around calculations effortlessly.
  • Laptops save time and make it possible for a complex equation to be delivered at the right time.
  • With laptops, you can repeatedly save and learn various solutions to mathematical equations.


So far, we have spoken about how to solve math questions on the laptop, the benefit of using a laptop to study math. We believe after you’ve taken your time to read this, and someone asks you: how do you solve math questions on laptop you should answer boldly and explain diligently as we have just done.

But note that some laptops are not built with mathematicians at heart which is why finding the best laptop for math is very crucial. So, take your time to search for the right specification you need.

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