How Can Geologists Increase Their Laptop’s Battery Life?

Geologists are profoundly studying the terrestrial bodies inside the earth and figuring out what’s happening inside the planet. For this, they need to analyze distinct materials present on the earth, its internal structure, drastic climate changes, the age of the world, etc.

To complete these analytical tasks, they’re relying on their personal computers. You’ll see that almost every geologist carries their laptop all time along with them. While working with their laptop and doing these analytical tasks, the most common problem they encounter is the low battery of their laptop.

If you’re a geologist and facing the same problem, then don’t worry. Below, I’ll show you: How can geologist increase their laptop’s battery life? And, what are the processes they need to follow to extend the laptop’s battery life?

How Can Geologists Increase Their Laptop’s Battery Life?

Becoming a Geologist is a dream for many people. If you’re planning to become a geologist, you have to study on geology major after completing your 12th standard from the science stream. Geology students require a personal computer to complete some of their academic courses.

Geologists Increase Their Laptop's Battery Life

While some students rely on other students’ computers, it’ll be better for you to go for a budget laptop for geology majors. From a geology student to a professional Geologist, a PC especially a laptop is a must among most of them.

However, the problem that most Geologist and geology students experience with their laptops is the low battery while working or doing academic tasks. So, here in this article, I’m going to show you: How can geologist increase their laptop’s battery life? Read the article thoroughly to know the least-effort ways to get the maximum output from your laptop.

Reduce The Brightness Of Your Screen

It’s not hard to predict that the brightness of your laptop screen is one of the biggest sources of power drain. If I say more specifically, the backlight of your laptop screen consumes the highest power of the laptop’s battery.

By dimming the brightness of your laptop screen, you can extend almost 30 minutes of your laptop’s average battery life. On the keyboard of your laptop, you’ll find the shortcut keypad for adjusting brightness.

Reduce The Brightness Of Your Screen

Generally, to adjust the brightness of your laptop screen, hold the Fn key and the sun indicating function key on the top of your laptop keyboard. However, if you’re using an older version of windows, tap Win+X. It’ll open the mobility center from where you can adjust the brightness of your laptop.

Change The Power Settings Options

Usually, your laptop remains in windows ‘Balanced’ settings mode instead of Power Saver mode. You can easily check the power plan of your laptop from the control panel by searching for the power options.

Remember, the windows of your laptop run on different power modes based on whether it’s running on battery or direct line. With the modern laptop, you’ll find a battery saver option just activate it and close the window.

In case you don’t find the battery saver option on your laptop, you need to click on your laptop’s “Show Additional Plans” option. Still, if you don’t find anything then you need to customize a power plan.

To do this tap on the Change plan settings which you’ll find next to the profile. Set the screen of your laptop to turn off after a few minutes, and set it to sleep mode if nothing appears within 5-10 minutes.

Turn Off Wifi And Bluetooth

If you’re not using the wifi and Bluetooth of your laptop then turn them off. Both of these radio frequencies consume the continuous power of your laptop battery. That’s why it would be wise to turn them off while you’re not using them.

Turn Off Wifi And Bluetooth

With most of the laptops, you’ll find a key combination of switches to turn off the wifi but the Bluetooth might be tricker. If your laptop OS is Windows 10 then it’s a simple task to do. Just go to the Action center by tapping (Win + A) and turn off the wifi and Bluetooth from the action menu.

In case you’re using an old laptop, then you may find the Bluetooth option from the start menu. Still, if you’re in doubt then go to the device manager from the control panel and find the Bluetooth adapter. Once you find it, right-click on your mouse and disable it.

Don’t Keep Your Laptop On Permanent Charge

Generally, laptop batteries are lithium-ion and they come with overcharging protection. Just because it comes with overcharging protection, you shouldn’t keep your laptop power adapter always plugged in.

Keeping the power adapter of your laptop to the mainline continuously will damage the health of your battery. On the other hand, some laptop manufacturers limit the battery to get fully charged to prevent battery degradation.

But when you plan to use your laptop with battery power, you should fully recharge it. For that, you’ve to disable the limiter and let your laptop get fully charged.

Disconnect The Unnecessary Peripherals

Connecting unnecessary peripherals will reduce the power of your laptop battery. For example, if you leave a disc into the DVD drive of your laptop, it’ll consume the battery power. (As it’ll spin up whenever you launch the windows explorer window or click on the save option in an application.)

Similarly, if you connected USB accessories with your laptop, like a portable hard disk, USB webcams, etc. will draw the power of your laptop battery. To save the power of your laptop battery, unplug them when you don’t need them.

Close The Unnecessary Apps

Most of us open multiple apps at a time and don’t close them even though we don’t need them. It’s a very bad habit that consumes the power of your laptop battery. So if you don’t want these apps to consume the power of your laptop battery, close them after finishing your task.

Close The Unnecessary Apps

If you’re using Windows 10 OS and don’t know which apps are consuming more battery on your laptop. Then go to the search bar and type “see which apps are affecting battery life”. There will be a list of apps that appear on the screen. If you see any app that you’re using rarely but hogging a lot of power, close that app instantly.

Now, go to the search bar again and type “See which processes start up automatically when you start window”. It’ll open the startup tab of the task manager and show you all the apps that run when you start your PC. Check the list of start-up apps, if you find any app that’s not necessary, disable them.

Use A Laptop Power Bank

You can keep an extra battery or a laptop power bank to increase the battery power of your laptop and enjoy an uninterrupted service. A laptop power bank is very compact that you can easily carry with your laptop backpack and charge the battery of your laptop. Moreover, the plug of the power bank does the same job that your laptop charger does. You’ll find an adapter that allows you to connect the power bank with different model laptops.

Use A Laptop Power Bank

Increase The RAM Of Your Laptop

Sufficient RAM extends the life of your laptop battery. If your laptop has enough ram to complete the task without depending on the hard drive it’ll consume less battery power. To increase the power of your laptop battery you can increase the RAM of your laptop.

Final Thoughts

To explain the factors like human evolution, distribution of natural resources, drastic climate changes, etc. Geologists need to analyze a lot of things. A personal computer or laptop is crucial to complete these analytical tasks.

Most geologists rely on a laptop for storing the data after inspecting and exploring different chemical properties for in-depth analysis. That’s why sometimes they need to work constantly with their laptop. But, the problem is the battery charge of the laptop.

Most of the geologists complained that the battery of their laptop didn’t provide adequate support. Considering this matter, earlier in this article, I have explained: How can geologist increase their laptop’s battery life? If you read the article thoroughly, you can quickly fix your low battery problem.

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