Can You Use a Surface Pro for Artists?

Digital graphic artists usually dream of using high-performance computer systems. Moreover, artists are very interested in flexible and smart tools that can enable them to put down their skillful imagination. Surface Pro comes with industry-standard features and high hardware configuration of the types needed by artists.

Surface Pro in general radiates efficiency in performance for artists. It shows its strength of quality through the smart screen for note jotting and drawing. Moreover, it is a convertible design and very portable and provides comforts of mobility for artists. The high-speed Intel Core-i series processor and the integrated GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) are a product’s plus. Artists are very comfortable with the depth of color rendition and processing speed.

So, if you’re asking, can you use Surface Pro for artists? Keep reading. The focus of this article is a detailed look at the features of the machine and the possibility of using it for artists. This will enable artists to make an informed decision about investing in the machine.

Overview of Surface Pro

Surface Pro is a high-end Laptop belonging to the first generation of a 2-in-1 type of detachable Microsoft Surface series. It is a 64-bit machine, and it’s compatible with Windows 8 Pro and Windows 10 Operating systems. Microsoft has lots of designs in the Surface line. You have Surface Go 3, Surface Duo 2, Surface Pro X, Surface Pro 7, etc. Service pro 8 is the latest version.

Overview of Surface Pro

The machine is convertible/detachable. This feature makes it possible for you to use the screen as if it’s an iPad. It is a screen touch machine, and it’s made of high-quality hardware components. Some of the Surface Pro models use 10th-generation Intel Core processors. The clock speed of the processors is usually according to the different models.

Some of the Surface Pro models support up to 32GB of physical RAM, SSD (Solid State Device), and other highly rated hardware configurations. In addition, the system can run high graphic video playback for over 13 hours on battery life.

One remarkable feature of the Surface Pro is that it comes with high graphic cards. The Surface Pro 7, 7+, and 8 come with integrated GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) and powerful game ports. With these features, professional graphic artists and gamers can achieve remarkable outputs on their works.

The machine has strong Wi-Fi network connectivity: IEEE 802.11, active-matrix screen with high display, and high-speed Bluetooth. The Surface Pro 8 comes with a 5MP 1080p webcam and a 10MP rear-facing camera. It supports Wi-Fi 6, 802.11ax, Bluetooth 5, and it has USB 4.0 Thunderbolt 4 ports.

No doubt, the Surface Pro system is every artist’s best choice for professional graphic design. But, apart from its usefulness in professional graphic design works, the product provides great fun in other applications.

You can connect Surface Pro 7 to an external monitor. This functionality allows you to use your Surface Pro 7 to run all of your programs and view your content on a larger screen. It uses the USB-C port and a compatible cable to connect to an external monitor. You can even connect to multiple monitors the Surface Dock accessory.

Connecting Surface Pro, especially version 7, to an external computer monitor is easy. You can do this by using a compatible cable. You can also project your screen to your television set. This is made possible by utilizing built-in wireless support.

Amazingly, you can view your smartphone’s contents on your Surface Pro and even manage your apps. Also, you can easily project the small text size of your smartphone to your Surface Pro for a better view.

Can You Use A Surface Pro For Artists?

Surface Pro is one of the reliable choices of professional digital artists. It comes with most requirements for graphic artists. It enables them to use application software to complete certain graphics works, and also do physical hand drawing. Surface Pro features a surface pen that facilitates the hand drawing and also ensures processing speed and depth of color rendition that artists require.

Computer systems are the major machines artists use to articulate their creative imaginations in their works. In most cases, vector artists and graphic designers use professional application software like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. This kind of software requires high speed and graphic/color rendition to achieve its outputs. Therefore, most graphics artists who are professional Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator users go for reliable systems that meet their demands.

Can You Use A Surface Pro For Artists

Surface Pro comes in different models. So, features in different models defer. However, Surface Pro is the creative hardware of choice for digital graphic artists. Surface Pro is actually multiple system that can handle different tasks far beyond what a standard desktop can handle.

The surface pen that comes with the product is of high quality in both features and application. The complexity of hand drawing requires flexible and smart drawing tools. The pen does not require pairing, and it supports “erase and right-click” functions for ease of use. The 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity make it respond to the lightest touch. This is also what makes it provide a highly sensitive and precise writing & painting experience for graphic artists.

In simple words, we can say categorically that you can use Surface Pro for artists. This affirmation is relevant to the power of the machine to handle professional graphics and speed of processing and color rendition.

Final Words

Surface Pro is a versatile machine that possesses high hardware configuration. The reliable processing speed and high color rendition capability make it the best choice for graphic artists. However, all prospective buyers of Surface Pro should identify the features of the model they are buying. Apart from the features, you should also look at the hardware configuration to ensure that you get what you really need.

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