About Us

What is Laptopgeeky?

Welcome to Laptopgeeky, the warehouse of all the latest laptops. Laptopgeeky is operated by a team of experts who have extensive knowledge about laptops and their accessories. It doesn’t matter what your profession is and what types of laptop you’re looking for, here in Laptopgeeky, you’ll find everything you want.

For example, you might be looking for a laptop for automotive technicians, laptops for math, laptops for geology majors, surface pro for artists, etc.  And the good thing is Laptopgeeky has a collection of all types of laptops, and our expert will guide you to the right one according to your need.

Our Mission

Here in Laptopgeeky, our only mission is to lead you to the appropriate product according to your needs. To guide you to the right product, we have hired a team of experts and developed an advanced system to complete our review process.

At first, we start with the market investigation and product research. Then identified the essential features of the product. We study the real-buyers reviews of that particular product to get the practical experience of that product.

After completing the analyzing process of that product, we forwarded the analyzed information to our writing team. Finally, the writing team wrote an in-depth review of that specific product with complete buying guidelines.

Meet The Team

Ronald Bryan

Bryan is the owner and an editor of this site, Laptopgeeky. He completed his bachelor’s degree in computer engineering. After completing his graduation, he starts a business where he sells different types of laptops.

Besides his profession, he has another hobby of blogging. He loves to research and write on different things that he deals with in his everyday life. While operating his business, he observe that many of his buyers didn’t have adequate knowledge about laptops.

Especially while purchasing a laptop for a specific task, they buy the wrong one and don’t get the right output. That’s what motivates Bryan to write on this matter, and Laptopgeeky is the result of that. He created this site to share his knowledge with the people who are looking for laptops for specific tasks.

George G. Adams

Adams is the head of our expert team and the chief editor of our site. He has several degrees in computer engineering and computer hardware. After completing his graduation, he worked for a renowned laptop manufacturing company as an engineer for almost six years. Because of his huge knowledge about laptops we’ve hired him to our team. Under his guidance, our expert team conducted their research.

Edmund V. Jackson

Jackson is the chief of the writing team. He joins us as a technical writer, and now he’s leading our whole writing team. After completing his graduation in computer science and engineering, he started a business of computer accessories. Besides that, he loves to research and write on different aspects of computer technology, and that’s why when we offered him to join us, he willingly participated.

How Do We Do the Best Product Reviews?

Product Research And Market Investigation

As we can’t compromise with the quality, we don’t use any readily available information. That’s why before including any product on our site, our investigation team does proper research about that product. We precisely analyze the product and the novelties of the market to identify the best products of the best brands.

Core Features Identification

When you look for a product, you’ll find plenty of options from different brands. They are offering products with lots of features. But did you ever think how many of these features they are offering are essential for you?

If you look carefully, you’ll see most of these features are included just to increase the product price, which isn’t essential for you. And, you’re paying extra money for those features which are not beneficial for you.

However, identifying the core features of a product is a critical task that’s why it’s ignored by the general consumer. But we have an expert team to complete this task accurately.

Product Selection

Once our expert team completed the market investigation and identified the product core features, we got a preliminary list of the best products. In the product selection process, we give priority to the customer’s choice most. We pick those products that are highly popular among its customers.

Review Analysis

Analyzing the real buyer’s reviews is the most crucial task in our product review process. We study almost all the reviews of its users to get practical knowledge and real-life experience of that product.

To precisely complete the review analyzing task, we also developed an advanced system that detects unnatural thoughts. So that we can only focus on the honest reviews of the actual buyers who have paid for that and will give unbiased opinions.


We all know that not all brands and their products come with the same benefits. Some offer better than others, but it’s hard to determine which one is greater than others with a general inspection.

That’s why we follow a systematic procedure to rank our selected products. In the ranking process, we focus on the product features, characteristics, price, durability, etc., and give a score to the product according to every positive aspect.

After finishing scoring, we make the summation of the score and find the top product serial-wise.

Writing Reviews

Once the expert team completes all the analyzing processes they forward the data to our writing team. Then the writing team writes an in-detail review of the product with all the features and details.

Buying Guide

The buying guide is the complete summary of our overall research. With the help of a buying guide, you can easily choose the right product that you’re looking for.

In the buying guide with a detailed description of the product, we also provide comparison data for each product. It’ll help you to pick the right product according to your budget and demand.